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February 22
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The wind was ice cold and blowing you almost off your feet. You were inches deep in snow. And never. In the whole of your life. Had you felt coldness like this. Your teeth chattered and clattered. Your lips were turning blue and your fingers and toes were numb. Just like the rest of your body.
    Being here, Was against the rules. Against every law Odin had made since Loki came back from Earth....but you didn't care. You would do anything and everything in your power to see him. Even if it was just one last time before the blizzard killed you.


Loki, was your husband. You had not seen in in over a year. The last time you saw him was before he – turned. Back when he was still Prince of Asgard. And his father was not in Odinsleep. That's the only good times you felt then. Loki was kind, gentle, caring. And he loved you. But once he returned from Jotuhiem. He was colder...meaner, shifty and pushing you away. But still you pressed to see him. Even when he was King for the short period of days. You begged to see him. But the Loki you knew. Was gone....and then. After those days. He was announced dead. And you were broken. Shattered into pieces from his claimed death. And Thor, his brother. Now known enemy, was the one who looked after you. Even if Loki was claimed dead. You still were Asgard's Princess – still Loki's wife. And you would not rest until you knew Loki's death wasn't painful. Only then...Did you discover from Frigga and Loki's return. That he was indeed alive.


You noticed the guards were doubled today and the Throne room, Odin's room was heavy armed and guarded. Pacing toward the entrance, Sif was there to great you. “Lady (Y/N). I advise you to return to your Chambers.”
   “What? What is going on? Why so many?”
   “Lady (Y/N) please....please go back before he arrives here.”
   “Who? Before who arrives here. Sif tell me!”

“No need...” A cool dark voice called out gently from behind you.  Your breathing stopped your body shut down. Slowly, hoping this was real and yet was just a dream. You turned around. And found Loki. Your husband, alive and standing before you in chains.

“Hello dear...”

You gasped, trying ever so hard not to cry. “You!” You screamed. “You-” with a swift keen hand, you slapped his hard across the face. Tears pooling in your eyes. “Why! Why did you do this!” You screamed, shaking now.

“I'll hazard a guess Odin will tell you. If not Thor.” Loki hissed the last words. “ mean the man who has been looking after me and protecting me. While my husband played dead-”
    “I did not play dead you fool! I was cast out! Betrayed by the man I once called father!” Loki shouted back, rage in his eyes. Sif eased her way over, holding your arm. “Come now...lets take you to your chambers-”
    “No! I want to see! I want to see when Odin does to you!”
   “And what if he sentences me to death. Will that suit! You can finally have Thor just that way you've wanted him all this time...”

Loki was gone. This was not the man you fell in love with. His hatred for Asgard. For the ones he called family. Had poisoned him. But something else was wrong too. Something happened to him “out there” something burned away what innocents he had left. Loki was a monster now.


“...I Odin. Cast you out to the Realm from which you came...Jotunheim!” Hearing those words. 'Cast out'. Made you fell weak at the knees. But you couldn't. You wouldn't show any sigh of weakness in Loki's presence. You didn't want to meat his eyes. he was no longer than man you fell in love with.
   But as he looked looked around the room at the people judging him. He faces landed on yours, and he couldn't look away. You could see it. You knew it even without looking into his eyes. He to was on the brink of tears.

“Its alright...” Thor hushed, holding you close to him.

“Send him out now...I do not want this monster in my realm no more...” As with those words. Hearing Loki being moved even further from you. You cried. You burst into tears and fell to your knees. Thor your aside.

                                                                                ~Present time~

“Lady (Y/N). We must find some place to warm ourselves up. If we stay any longer is this storm. You are sure you pass.”
   “No! We have to find him! I cant lose him! Not again!” Thor held your arm, pulling you off your route. Near a high mountain of snow and ice.

“I insist...” Thor's voice lowered in annoyance. Pulling you deeper into the darkness of a cave. And there, you with numb fingers summoned a ball of light from your hands.

“How long must we stay here...”
    “Until your ready to go out again.”
    “Have you forgotten where we are! If we stay here for too long. We will be hunted down and killed!”  Placing his hammer down, Thor pulled off his cape and threw in over your shoulder. It was warn to the touch. “T-thank you, Thor...”
   “I'm just making sure you are kept safe and alive. I promised Loki that...”
   “When?” You moved about the small space, placing the ball of light between the two of  you. You sat down, keeping the large cape wrapped tightly around you. Your hooded cloak was taken off you by Thor and placed by him to warm up.


“A while ago. Before I was cast out. Before he was thought...Loki came to me one day. During a celebration. You were in bed sleeping. He came to me. With a look of happiness in his eyes. He truly loved you so much, lady (Y/N). He begged me to look after you If he could not. And I promised I would. Though you at first didn't want it...did you?”
    “No I didn't...” You laughed, holding the cape tighter around you. “I was scared and hopeful – hell! I was an emotional wreak! But I thank you...Thor. Even to this day. For being there. For giving me hope.”
     “Your welcome, lady (Y/N)...”


Later during the night, the storm somehow grew worse. But you knew it. You knew it too well. Thor was going to send you back to Asgard when you were sleeping. Thor was too frightened of being too cast out again by his father for your sake.

So, grabbing you hooded winter cloak, and placing Thor's cape down by his slumbering body. You went back out into the storm, in search of the man you still truly loved.


After a few minutes, you begun to feel “not so alone” as looking up the scaling high mountains and cliffs. You saw shadowed figurers watching and looking over. They were waiting. Waiting for you to drop dead.
    Soon enough the storm grew even worse and walking became a struggle. Your legs felt stiff as the coldness came through, ice locked into you main of hair, your fingers felt as if they would fall off any moment and your breathing became shallow.

“I feel warm now...” You whispered to yourself. Looking over you now turning blue hands. A smile to your face. Even in the coldness. Feeling tired and freezing to death. You laughed. Because you knew it. You were dying.

“I'm so tired very tired...” Letting you legs give way. You fell nicely into the snow. It felt like nice warm blanket, soft as feather and warn as the sun. “I think I'll...just rest here for a moment...”


As the minutes was all to clear. This was the place. You were going to die. But as you lay there, dreaming of a sunny tomorrow. A place of happiness and warmth. Rapid footsteps could be heard coming towards you.

“Thor? Please...leave me alone.” Your voice was barely a whisper. How had you survived this long? It wasn't clear. Then the person beside you, placed their arms underneath you, picking you up from the snow. Your place of comfort and warmth, “Thor...Thor please place me down...I was comfy there...” But they didn't answer.

You fell back asleep in you happy thoughts.


“...Why did you bring her out there! She could of died!”
    “It was not my intention, Loki. She wanted to go. So we did!”
    “And you couldn't stop her! Couldn't simply say no!”
    “And what if I did, Loki! She still would of gone out anyway...if I didn't go with her. She would of died before you even got to her...” The two brother bickered back and forth. Whist you laid there. In a serious medical situation.

“She is suffering from high hypothermia! If I do not treat her now! She is going to die!”
    “Then do it! Help her!”
    “I...I cant...” Loki sighed. a pain wavering in his voice.

“Why!” Thor's voice boomed. “Why cant you save her!”
    “Because...because I fear if we try anything else. Of if we try moving her...she will die.” Loki looked down at you, he held your hand, you could feel his warmth. Feel the connection linking you back together as once.

“L-Loki...” You croaked in a hard whisper. Loki's face filled with utter shock. “Honey? Love! Can you hear me?!”
    “Loki...your hand is really warm...” You smiled. Loki breathed deeply, trying to keep collected.    

“How are you feeling, love?”
   “Where are we...its warm here....” And it was true. Once Loki found you and the two brother reunited almost by ripping each other head off. Loki teleported all three of you some place not on Jotunheim or Asgard. It was his “secret” place. And he planned to live here forever now. Away from Asgard.

“Loki...I am sorry...”
   “For what, dear?”
   “This! Chasing after you...not saying goodbye.”
   “No, no...shh! Its alright. Your here now...” He soothed, stroking you hair.

“Can I be with you now. Forever.”
    “Yes, love! You can be with me forever!”
    “I love you Loki...”
    “I love you too dear...” He gently placed a kiss on your forehead. “Go back to sleep...please.”
    “I'm fine.”
    “Honey, your not fine. Your dyi-”
    “ me...I'm fine.”

With that said, you opened your eyes and sat up right on the bed, a shocked express appeared on both Gods faces. “Wh...what did you do?”
    “I cast  spell on myself.”
    “Before we left to search for you. It kept me somewhat warm...but it only last a short period of time. So when you found me. I was just cold....not dying.”  Loki smiled at you, placing both hands on you cheek. His eyes looking deeply into yours. “I love you so much....will you forgive me?”
    “Yes Loki...” Pulling each other into a passionate hug, you heard Loki hush into your hair.

“I love you so snow white queen...”

Snow White Queen (Loki x Reader) Oneshot!by LittleMissSunshine94

Literature / Fan Fiction / Romance©2014 LittleMissSunshine94
dude this is a long one! i just thought of it on the spot and typed it up! DA END! 
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RedPolkaDotGirl Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014
That LOTR reference ;)
RedPolkaDotGirl Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014
It says "I Odin. Cast you out to the Realm from which you came" it's like when gandalf is in the mines of morior (soz can't speeel derp lol) and he's fighting the big flaming thin that I forgot the name of :( I think it's something along those lines I just recognised it :)
ProfessorMythology2 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2014  New member Hobbyist Writer
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LittleMissSunshine94 Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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" me...I'm fine."
Like the comment below... I can imagine is being said like, "Dude!.. Dude? Dude. Just trust me.." I know.. I'm weird... xD
LittleMissSunshine94 Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
hehehe XD
Alice-cry11 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014
“Honey, your not fine. Your dyi-”
“ me...I'm fine.”

I luaghed at that part for some reason. I gusses because when I say it I would say it supper sassy like

Loki Please.... Trust me... I'm fine"Fab U. Lus 
LittleMissSunshine94 Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
glade you enjoyed it :)
Leone-San91 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014
Aw... Loki is such a good character for a Fanfiction. For one, he's a bad guy and I've always been into the bad guys more. And for two, you can have him either a literal bad guy in the fanfic, like kinda the jerk in the relationship. But, then you can also have it where he's really emotional, which he is, and have him be the sweetheart and with Loki it can work either way. He can be a jerk or a sweetheart. That why I love the Loki fanficts. Especially yours, yours are excellent and I'm really happy and inspired by your stories. Thank you for publishing :) 
franceisapervert Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Student General Artist
I love it reader inserts when Loki is adorable and sweet, I think that's how he is on the inside, he's just confused. He's 1048, about 17 in human years. So of course he's confused.
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