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January 31
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Earth...a place Loki thought very little of. A  place where he saw life as...pathetic. Humans who killed each other for nothing but selfish acts, who lied and killed...for almost nothing. They claimed to know power. When what they called power – was actually fear. Loki knew power. He felt it and controlled it...but for now. He would not want to rule earth or make them fear him and rule him...he only came get you.

He found himself outside of a gruesome looking building. And with the florescent lights shinning through the darkens of the city read: Stark.

Loki was one for magic and tricks, so getting inside a locked tower – was no task for him.

He made his way, wondering floors looking at odd technology earth conjured up. He even seemed quite annoyed with this Tony stark. A a man who lived for attention – not power. Yet it seamed, as Loki sense. He was living for more than that.

It wasn't long before Loki found you. Yet by now....this was not what he expected. You dead once more. He lingered over your body. Looking at your face. Across your body, wires had been pulled out and placed away from you. Whoever came down here. Did so recently. But it seemed they all went off to bed.

With one steady hand, Loki reached out, gently hovering his hand over your chest, tying to feel something beating – which had stopped. For a moment, all their was, was silence. The sound of Loki breathing.

Only then, did the silence come to a shattering stop, when you let out a spin chilling scream which clearly woke the whole tower up and twenty block away too.

Your back arched so high you almost completely rose off the table. Loki looked  fearful as to what on earth was happening.

“It's alright, Sevilla! Your safe now!” He tired reassuring you, grabbing you arms to stop you from trying to get free.

“Who are you! Let me go!” You screamed in panic. Your whole body felt on fire. Whatever had happened to you. Wasn't making you feel any good.

“Sevilla! Calm down!”
    “What!? Who on earth is that! Who are you! Let me go!” You screamed, pulling your arms free. Even though you did  not know this man, you felt utter fear, disgust and sadness. He did something. Something that brought you back, calling you a name you had no idea of who they were. All you wanted was Tony and Pepper.

“Tony!” You screamed, freeing yourself from this man's presence. “Sevilla? Do you not remember me?”
    “Who the bloody hell is that! I'm (Y/N), not this Sevilla! And you better get out of here before Tony gets here!”

Jumping off the table, you feet completely gave out from underneath you, bring you to the floor in a heap. Loki though quickly caught you, holding you tightly to his chest.

“Who are you...” You mumbled, feeling the once powerful energy in you...vanish. “I am Loki...and I've come her to take you home-”

“(Y/N)?!” Tony shouted in a panicked confused surprise. You turned to face him. “Tony!” You called out, reaching your arm towards him. He was in his Iron man suit. But before Tony even had time to get close to you. Loki did something...and you where no longer in Tony workshop.
loki is here...we have woken from the dead... nuff said really XD

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LittleMissSunshine94 Feb 19, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
woop woop! XD
This is not good.
LittleMissSunshine94 Feb 2, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
dun duun duuuuun XD
I feel so bad for poor Tony and Loki, they must be having some really mixed emotions right now
LittleMissSunshine94 Feb 2, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
they shall feel better soon. all will go well - get better :)
FairyTenshi Jan 31, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
just read all three... poor Loki, we don't remember him... yet. This is so cool!!! I'm enjoying it immensely. :D
LittleMissSunshine94 Jan 31, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
thank you so much! :)RDJ LMLY PLZ 
FairyTenshi Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
you are completely welcome. Huggle! 
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